3-6 Lifestyle Tips for Christian Weight Loss

One day, as hard as it may be for your mind to currently grasp, you will actually enjoy a Fit For Jesus Lifestyle that helps you lose weight and keep bodyfat at levels that are lower than normal.

Fit For Jesus Christian weight loss lifestyle

Yes, I said you can enjoy it.  You can experience feelings of happiness from it.  You’ll even learn to smile about it.

But in order to get to that point, your lifestyle must change from where it is now.  You currently have daily habits which are sabotaging your Christian weight loss efforts.  Many of your habits are based on mental self-sabotage, which we will address in future blogs and in the Fit For Jesus program, but there are also habits that are based on your environment.

When it comes to changing your lifestyle, there are certain things that you need around you more frequently.  There are also other things that you need to make sure are around you less frequently!  Your job is to figure out what both your positive and negative triggers are (Mindset), and then come up with a plan of action for increasing or decreasing the appropriate triggers.

Right now, take just 5 minutes and answer the following question.

What are 3 things that trigger my desire to eat?

Once you have discovered 3 triggers that lead you wandering to the refrigerator, cupboard, break room, or candy dish, your next job is to come up with 1-2 healthier solutions for each of those triggers.

Did you do it?  If you wrote down 3 triggers and 1-2 healthy solutions for each trigger, you now have 3-6 Lifestyle tips for healthy Christian weight loss!  And since they came from YOUR brain, you have already found 3-6 realistic solutions, which fit your lifestyle, that you can implement to get Fit For Jesus!

The great news is that once you’ve taken control of some of your triggers, you’ve changed your environment.  Once you’ve consistently changed your environment, you’ve changed your lifestyle.  The goal is to create a Fit For Jesus Lifestyle that supports healthy, Christian weight loss with a focus on eternity!

Share some of your triggers and subsequent solutions in the comments below.  God bless you richly, and have a great weekend!

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