11 More Bible Verses for Your Body and Christian Weight Loss

In yesterday’s blog post, we looked at 7 Bible verses that talk about the body.  In that post was the well-known verse from Psalms 139 about being “fearfully and wonderfully made”, but there were 6 other lesser known verses that talk about how important your body is to God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and of course, the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says your body is valuable!

Here are 11 more verses that continue to prove how valuable and important it is to take care of the precious gift that God has given each of us.

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

~  Matthew 10:30

Now if a boy can be circumcised on the Sabbath so that the law of Moses may not be broken, why are you angry with me for healing a man’s whole body on the Sabbath?

~John 7:23

You say, “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will destroy them both.”  The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.

~ I Corinthians 6:13

There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another.

~ 1 Corinthians 15:40

So we make it our goal to please Him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it.  For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that everyone may receive what is due them for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

~  2 Corinthians 5:9-10

Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

~ 2 Corinthians 7:1

In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies.  He who loves his wife loves himself.

~ Ephesians 5:28

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.  May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:23

He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

~  1 Peter 2:2

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

~ 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

That is a total of 18 verses (including yesterday’s blog post) about your body!

There are MORE than just these 18 verses about your body in the Bible!

Perhaps more imporantly, though, there is a SINGLE paragraph in the Bible that shows you HOW to take care of your body!

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Here are some quick points to ponder…

1)      The Bible is filled with extremely clear references that our body and spirit are separate.  Both are also clearly valuable.  Too many Christians think that our current body has no importance.  But how we treat and honor the gift that God has given us, a vessel for our soul, has immense importance to our eternity!

2)      It is only through blood that God is willing to forgive sins.  It is only through the blood and body of Jesus Christ that we are forgiven and able to live with Him in eternity!  Without Jesus Christ’s body, there would not have been His saving, cleansing, purifying, and redeeming blood!

3)      We are absolutely, positively the temple of the Holy Spirit.  So, be sure to treat it like it says in Romans…

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is true worship.

~Romans 12:1

How are you treating your body?  Are you taking care of it and offering it as a living sacrifice?  Stay tuned for more information from Fit For Jesus about taking care of your temple of the Holy Spirit!

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