Sneak Peak… The *First* Fit For Jesus 30 Day Challenge

First Fit For Jesus 30 Day Challenge

First Fit For Jesus 30 Day Challenge

The Fit for Jesus 30 Day Challenge starts this Saturday, August 16th! We already have people on board, and we are truly excited to begin a transformation program in these people’s lives!

We would love for you to join us!

Watch this short video that explains the vision and mission of Fit t for Jesus, and get as excited as we are!

Then, when you are ready for your own spiritual, mental, and physical transformation that leads you to fitness focused on eternity, click here:

Let’s get Fit for Jesus, so that we have the energy and ability to do great things when HE calls!

Be Alive

Be Alive!

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Jeremy Nelms 40th Birthday

Jeremy and Alissa Nelms - Mud Run

Today, I’m 40. Today, I am, without a doubt, most thankful to Jesus Christ for my salvation. Nothing can compare to the undeserved miracles and redemption I have received through Him. I am blessed by and deeply love my wife, who is a daily reminder of what God’s love looks like, as well as a […]

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Are You Confused About Nutrition, Yet?

Confused about nutrition

It’s no wonder we’re confused about nutrition.  Here is the text in the picture above, in case it’s a bit easier to read: Carbs are bad carbs are good calories don’t matter fat is evil take this supplement eat more protein protein will hurt your kidneys sugar is from the devil you need sugar for […]

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May 2 – National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

May 2 is the United States’ National Day of Prayer.  And, no matter where you live in the world, I’m sure you’ll agree that we need prayer.  Badly. Historically, the focus of today’s prayer is our leadership.  When you pray today for them, I would encourage you to consider the following forms and bodies of […]

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Pray For Boston

Pray For Boston

Click on image for full view. When senseless, cowardly acts of violence are displayed against individuals pursuing goals and dreams, we are reminded again of the following verse: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual […]

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Christians – The Alarm Bells Must Go Off

Obesity has a LIT fuse!

It’s actually interesting that an article came out the day that I am writing notes for Fit For Jesus video.  The name of the article, written by Maggie Fox of NBC News, is “If you think we’re fat now, wait ‘til 2030”. Here are the highlights of the article. Currently, 33% of Americans are overweight.  […]

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Are You Worth It?

Value of Health

Successful weight loss, successful relationships, successful money management… inherently, they all come down to value. Specifically, your value. The problem, however, lies in the difference between the truth about your value and your belief about your value. And, of course, the difference between the truth and your beliefs are made up of lies. Based on […]

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