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Completely Overlooked Activity For Your Fountain Of Youth

If I were forced to create a short list that only included the absolute essential items necessary to both feel and look younger, you would probably completely agree with my “fountain of youth” list…

But I’m pretty certain that the 4th item on the list would surprise you.

Let’s look at the 1st 3 items.

  1. Perform the 7 Spiritual Movements through a full range of motion.
  2. Eat and drink using the mindset philosophy of Temple Fuel.
  3. Mentally and physically rest and recover.

All of that makes complete sense, right?

Performing all of the 7 Spiritual Movements through their full range of motion helps to maintain your strength levels and flexibility.

Eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water will give your body the ingredients it needs to maintain a healthy weight, as well as repair and replace your cells.

Getting adequate sleep and properly managing stress will help you recover from exercise and function optimally.

But there is one more thing to add to the list, and it makes a substantial difference in how young you feel. Unfortunately, it is something nearly all of us stopped doing as adults.

The good news, though, is that it is simple to do, simple to fix, only takes about 2 minutes, and makes a difference quickly.

Would you be willing to invest 2 minutes a day to feel substantially younger? Better yet, are you willing to invest 2 minutes each day to having fun and feeling like a kid again?

I hope so, because acting like a kid is exactly what we’re going to do!

Are you ready to learn the 4th item on the list for creating your own personal fountain of youth? Are you ready to have fun for 2 minutes each day?

I hope so, because all you have to do is… Continue reading…

NOT Doing This IS Hurting Your Workout!

Many of the articles you’ll read on FitForJesus.com are about exercising properly, so that you can burn more calories and get better results. Today’s article is no different.

Let’s face it: your time is valuable, which means that I always assume you want to get the most for your minute while you are lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises. Unfortunately, even when choosing outstanding exercises like a squat, push-up, shoulder press, lat pulldown, or a number of other great movements, there is a mistake I see made over and over again.

The good news is that it is an easy mistake to fix. The better news is that fixing this problem will give you better results, not only in terms of the number of calories that you burn, but also in how quickly you make progress and how easily you are able to handle everyday activities.

The cool part? You will literally be working out according to the way God designed you!

By the way, what you are about to learn applies to every single exercise that you do! So, if you would like to burn more calories, make progress more quickly, and be able to move around more easily, all you have to do is use a… Continue reading…

Immediate Workout Improvement – ANYONE Can Implement

How would you like to improve every single workout, every single time, using a skill that you already possess? Even better, what if this trick was extremely easy to do and only depended on you remembering to do it? Finally, what if you are able to use this trick, no matter what type of exercise […]

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The Lower Body Stretch that Works Wonders on Back Pain

In a previous article, I talked about stretching the pectoral muscles, which are the muscles that make up your chest. The pectoral stretch helps to combat poor posture and upper back pain, which are probably 2 of the most common problems in people who have yet to consistently exercise using the 7 Spiritual Movements. The […]

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A Fantastic Stretch for Improved Posture

Do you have posture problems? Are you always hunched forward? Do you sit through most of your day with your arms forward, whether they are holding a steering wheel or typing away on a keyboard? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, today’s article is for you! There is a single stretch that […]

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The Secret To Bigger Arms… NOT What Most People Believe!

Guys, guys, guys… They always seem to want to have bigger arms. In a previous article about building bigger biceps and burning more calories, I talked about the importance of pulling heavy weight to grow your guns. There is something very important, however, that I did not mention in that article. In fact, I will […]

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Get Off Your Booty and Stand!

The Seated "Stability" Curl. NO!

In a previous article, I explained why you should avoid using the machines in a gym as much as possible. The focus of that article was primarily on the problems that are created when a machine forces you to move along one, specific, unnatural path that, most likely, is not the exact movement for how […]

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Bigger Guns to Solve the War on Fat Loss?

Bigger Guns Solving War on Fat Loss?

I will admit up front: this article is mainly for the guys. Guys always seem to want to have bigger biceps. I don’t know if it’s driven by the media or the muscle magazines, but the quest for a bigger bicep is something that most guys have thought about during their lifetime. The problem is […]

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